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One team, one mission, one hour


Leon is a student at the Faculty of Computer and Information Science, with above average intelligence and a few personality defects. He is paranoid and confused. He lives in his own world and believes in cospiracy theories. He spends most of the time behind screens playing video games, programming and breaking into computer systems. 

In times of massive crypto earnings he has acquired a substantial amount of wealth by investing in the Escape Coin cryptocurrency. Leon hid all the access codes to his fortune in his student apartment located at Kampus. A series of suspicious events have ocurred lately. He believes his phone conversations are being intercepted and that he is being followed. He even noticed a computer hacking attempt.

One day Leon disappears out of the blue. He is asking you, his trusted friend, to deliver him the access codes to a safe location. Hints have been left around the apartment to help you at that mission. Solve the riddle and find the codes before a team of professional criminals manages to get to the location before you. You only have 60 minutes to succeed!

Price list

  2-6 persons
Regular price 60€
Student price 55€

* 5 EUR discount applicable with submission of escape coin on site (regular price only)


Students' campus
Pivovarniška 6
1000 Ljubljana
040 35 22 38

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About us


Barbara Bole, the fun and sporty half of the Escape Coin team, is an aerobic instructor, a runner and mother of three children. She graduated from the Faculty of Sport and worked as an animator and moderator at student parties and trips during her studies. Ready for action 25 hours a day. #trdoreh


Katarina Kač, a lawyer who bravely changed her career in banking for new intellectual challenges in gamification. She is a calmer and more rational half of the Escape Coin team. Optimistic, positive and focused. In her free time... what free time? She is currently dedicating most of her attention to her third "child" Leon, whom you will meet in our escape room. #trdoreh